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27 movies ready to release next 3 months in 2023 and release dates

27 movies ready to release next 3 months in 2023 and release dates, October movie release dates, November movie release dates, December movie release dates

In the next three months of 2023, the Telugu film industry or along with other films is all set to release some highly anticipated movies. From October to December, there are several films like Salaar, LEO, Bhagavanth Kesari and Tiger Nageshwar Rao lined up that have already generated a lot of buzz among movie enthusiasts.

Telugu cinema enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting lineup of films in October through December 2023. Stay tuned for further updates on release dates and other news related to upcoming Telugu movies.

For those eagerly waiting for more updates on these releases, it’s worth keeping an eye on the official announcements from production houses and distributors. Release dates may be subject to change due to various factors, so staying updated with recent news will ensure you don’t miss out on any exciting releases.

October To December 2023 Movie Release dates list

  • Bhagavanth Kesari – 19th October
  • Leo Movie – 19th October
  • Ghost – 19th October
  • Tiger Nageshwar Rao – 20th October
  • Ganapath – 20th October
  • Martin Luther King – 27th October
  • SSD: Side B – 27th October
  • Polimera 2 – 02nd November
  • Keedaa Cola – 03rd November
  • Aadikeshava – 10th November
  • Tiger3 – 10th November(?)
  • The Marvels – 10th November
  • Japan – 10th November(?)
  • Jigarthanda 2 – 10th November(?)
  • Mangalavaaram – 17th November
  • Gam Gam Ganesha – 17th November
  • Devil – 24th November
  • Kotabommali IPS – 24th November(?)
  • Animal – 01st December
  • Hi Nanna – 07th December
  • Extra Ordinary Man – 08th December
  • Operation Valentine – 08th December
  • Gangs of Godavari – 08th December
  • Captain Miller – 15th December
  • Aquaman – 20th December
  • Salaar – 22nd December
  • Dunki – 22nd December