Actor Nani gives shock to Ram Pothineni

Actor Nani gives shock to Ram Pothineni
Actor Nani gives shock to Ram Pothineni

Ram sketched that ‘Red’ movie would be a good fit for the ‘Good Friday’ holiday as well as the summer holidays. But Nani is hitting that credit without getting into the First Comer Advantage Ram in Summer.

Advantage has been proven many times over in terms of collections for a film that was released earlier in the summer. There have been times when average movies were blockbusters in the summer with First Comer Advantage. This is why Ram had earlier reserved the April 9th ​​date for his RED movie first release of the summer.

Nani and Sudheer Babu will be releasing the ‘V’ in the combo on March 25. It is a good date for me to get a descent opening for each of his films. Nani made the mistake of not releasing the jersey picture earlier in the summer.

As a result, the film is limited to one level. This time, without mistake he announced the release date. In the film V, Nani plays negative shades. Nani says that this is a full-fledged action film and Violence is huge. Aditi rao hydari and Nivetha Thomas are the heroines.



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