actor prakash raj satirical comment on kangana ranaut over her fight with maharashtra government

Actor Prakash Raj has made satires on Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Prakashraj responds in his own style on current issues under the name of #justasking on social media

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is reportedly at war with the Maharashtra government. The Shiv Sena government has demolished some structures in Kangana’s office as illegal, following allegations by Kangana that Mumbai has become another Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). Moreover, Shiv Sena activists organized agitation against Kangana. With this, Kangana made serious allegations targeting Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray. The Maharashtra government has also ordered an inquiry into allegations that Kangana used drugs. The case was handed over to the Mumbai Crime Branch.

Meanwhile, popular actor Prakash Raj has been commenting on Kangana Ranaut’s behavior on social media. She is being satirically tweeted about. Everyone knows how rushed Kangana Ranaut was when she came to Mumbai from Chandigarh. Providing her with Y-plus category security, a group of journalists boarding her plane and asking her to respond .. These incidents have already become controversial.

Prakash Raj is now satirizing these. Prakash Raj commented, “Yes, this is the new India.” In another tweet, more satire was added. Kangana Ranaut was indirectly criticized for failing like Queen Lakshmibai.

Prakash Raj tweeted a photoshopped image saying, “If Kangana thinks that a single film has made her Rani Lakshmibai … it will be Deepika Padmavati, Hrithik Akbar, Shahrukh Ashoka, Ajay Bhagat Singh, Aamir Mangal Pandey, Vivek Modi.” He also added the hashtag #justasking in his style. It is known that the Shiv Sena-Congress alliance government is currently running in Maharashtra. The BJP has already targeted the Shiv Sena-Congress government, which has filed a drugs case against Kangana. Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavish has also been criticized. In this context, the criticism made by Prakash Raj is against the BJP.