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Check most awaiting Balakrishna Akhanda US Premiere live updates.. Akhanda Review and Rating.. Akhanda Movie Review. Srikanth, Pragya Jaiswal , Jagapathi Babu and others.

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  • Balakrishna Akhanda Mass action episodes end with happy moments and full movie review soon
  • Another mass action fight is going on before ending Akhanda movie
  • Murali Krishna  is comes back to show, while Akhanda (Balayya) sat on Shiva Yagna at climax fight
  • with this mass actions episodes and dialogues movie heading to the climax
  • Boyapati and balayya mass action stated – Akhanda and Varadarajulu fight episode loaded with mass dialogues.
  • Balayya explaining approximately the God and the technology is nicely written.
  • Akhanda second half stated, The second Balakrishna will takes over the film from here..


Director Boyapati did a great job here.. He presented Balakrishna more than his previous movies. The Interval scene bang bang.. decent songs.. The first half is marvelous. 
  • After a protracted episode of Murali Krishna and Varadarajulu,  a few incidents withinside the Copper mine, the second one Balakrishna Agora char is introduced. Interval.
  • Collector Sravanya falls for Murali Krishna . It’s time for Yah yah Jail Balayya Song. The track has quality units and neat choreography. Pragya makes it warm together along with her mild pores and skin display.
  • Varadarajulu (Srikanth) enters the display as a villain. He owns and runs an unlawful copper mine withinside the inexperienced sector in opposition to rules.
  • Sravanya (Pragya Jaiswal) has been added as a effective collector. She is inspired with Murali Krishna (Balayya)’s character.
  • A heavy and mass overload intro for Balayya. The excessive voltage dialogues and sluggish mo photographs could be a dinner party for fans.
  • Akhanda display commenced with a police combing operation to capture Gajendra Sahu, a excessive valued and maximum desired terrorist.

అఖండ US ప్రీమియర్ రివ్యూ 

Telugu Review: అఖండ రివ్యూ: బాలయ్యల మాస్ జాతర 

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