Ala Vaikunthapuramloo Review- Trivikram creates magic with Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo Telugu Movie Review
Allu Arjun Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name: Ala Vaikunthapuramuloo Telugu Movie Review
Rating: 3.75/5
Release date : January 12, 2020
Starring : Allu Arjun, Pooja Hedge, Tabu, Nivetha Pethuraj
Director : Trivikram
Producers : Geetha Arts, Haarika & Hassine Creations

Stylish Star Allu Arjun and too director Trivikram’s Ala Vaikunthapuramlo is one of the most awaited movies during this Sankranthi season. Amidst high expectations, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it goes.


In order to see his son in a high position, Murali Sharma swaps his newborn baby with a rich family kid in the hospital. After the swapping process, Allu Arjun grows up in Murali Sharma’s house as Bantu and the wealthy family kid is named Raj (Sushanth). At the interval point, the conflict point in the storyline raises with the involvement of Appalanaidu (Samutharakani). Who is this Appalanaidu and what he has to do with the film proceedings? How are Tabu and Jayaram characters mingle in the whole setup? Forms the rest of the story.


Allu Arjun unleashes in the role that is equally coated with fun and emotional angle in it. He portrayed the given role with utmost perfection and delivers a knockout punch. It is his screen presence and energetic screen presence that breathes life into the proceedings throughout the film. Bunny reinvented himself in the dancing department and stuns in stylish movements in all the songs.

His chemistry with heroine Pooja Hegde is outstanding and the lead pair has a few breezy moments in the first half. Looks-wise Pooja is glamorous and captivating.

Yet another main character in the film is played by Murali Sharma and he is impressive in the given peculiar character as an excited father. Tabu, Jayaram, Rohini are good in their respective roles. Sunil and Rajendra Prasad are fine in their limited screen presence and create hilarious fun.

Actor Sushanth and Nivetha Pethuraj are decent in their supporting roles. Rahul Ramakrishna, Navadeep and other characters are also okay.


To be frank, the film has nothing bad in it to put it here as a minus point. But the only problem is that the storyline is simple and the audience can guess the crucial twists easily.

One more minus is that the narration in the first half is a bit slow-paced.

Technical Crew:

Maverick director Trivikram shines yet again with his dialogues and execution part which is a major plus for this thin family storyline. He creates magic with his pen and does the finest job. Easily, the film is his best work in recent times.

Editing work by Navin Noolin is neat and has hardly unwanted scenes. Cinematography by PS Vinod is top-notch as he captured the entire film lavishly. Especially, he canned Samajavaragamana song in Paris adorably.

Music by Thaman is the main pillar for this breezy film as his songs and background works well and creates a solid impact on the audience’s mind.

Production values for this high budget film are super cool and lavish.


In an overview, Ala Vaikunthapuramlo is a solid family drama coated with commercial elements. Bunny’s screen presence and Trivikram’s dialogues create magic hence making the film a perfect treat for the Sankranthi season. Go and enjoy the film with your family.

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