Allu Arjun’s dedication is so shocking and inspiring!

Allu Arjun's dedication is so shocking and inspiring

The latest movie ‘Pushpa’ starring stylish star Allu Arjun has also started shooting before the lockdown. The film will be directed by Tollywood Creative Director Sukumar and will be in the mass action entertainer movie.

The film’s unit has already released the first look poster for the character, which has received a flurry of responses. The shooting has been postponed due to the ongoing lockdown.

During this ongoing lockdown, Bunny is learning Chittoor slang for his role in Pushpa. He is taking classes for learning this slang completely. He is taking much care regarding every aspect of this movie. This resembles his dedication to acting. The top stars of Tollywood are shocked by Bunny’s determination towards acting. Bunny is a huge inspiration for this generation’s heroes.

Instead of waiting for a pan India film from the Tollywood’s top director Rajamouli, Bunny has teamed up with Sukumar to make a Pan India film. For a Rajamouli’s film, the pan-India appeal is automatic, but Sukumar’s cinema should be well-pushed. Allu Arjun went into touch with the Bollywood media with a glance at the time.