Amala Paul heats up internet with topless bathtub photos

Pic Talk_ Amala Paul naked in the bathtub
Pic Talk_ Amala Paul naked in the bathtub

Amala Paul is a nickname for the word bold. The reason for this is her movie ‘Aame’. In films, heroines are willing to romance with the hero, increase the dose of glamor but do not dare to act naked. But Amala Paul took courage and acted in many scenes. She starred in nude scenes for almost an hour in the movie. Though the film did not make a lot of money, Bollywood celebrities were also impressed. Amala Paul became the nickname for Paul Bold.

Amala posted a bold photo on Instagram recently. Amala is currently enjoying a vacation in Bali, Indonesia. Sitting naked amongst the flowers in the bathtub at a hotel in the middle of the woods and enjoying the beauty of nature. The tattoo on Amala’s back is even more impressive. More than 2 lakh people like this photo. Some say that this photo is very beautiful, but others are ready for ‘She 2’? Settlers. However, occasionally, such hot photos are done by Amala fans.

Currently Amala has four films. ‘Lust Stories’, a well-received web series in Hindi, is being remade in Telugu. Amala Paul is playing the lead role. Karan Johar, the producer who had seen the movie ‘Aame’, wanted to give a chance in the Telugu remake. But director Nandini Reddy said that there are no Telugu scenes as shown in Hindi. The four-part remake of Lust Stories will be directed by Nandini Reddy along with Tarun Bhaskar. In addition, Amala has also been busy with films like ‘Aadujeevitham’ and ‘Cadaver’.