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Ante Sundaraniki Raview: Engaging fun coated family drama

Ante Sundaraniki Raview & Rating : 3.25/5
Starring: Nani, Nazriya Fahadh, Nadhiya, Harshavardhan, Rahul Ramakrishna, Suhas, and others
Director: Vivek Athreya
Producers: Naveen Yerneni , Ravi Shankar Y
Music Director: Vivek Sagar
Cinematography : Niketh Bommi

Starring Natural star Nani and Nazriya as the lead pair, Ante Sundaraniki directed by Vivek Athreya has hit the silver screens today in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages simultaneously. Let’s analyse it.

Hailing from two different religions, Sundar( Nani) and Leela(Nazriya Nazim) are good friends from schooling days. As the age grows, their friendship also keeps on growing eventually. Though Sundar has a crush on Leela, he will have a fear of rejection and not reveals his proposal to Leela. This is the time, they both get professional busy and at the workplace Leela loves her colleague and soon realises that he is cheating on her and stays away from him.

This is the time, Leela again crosses paths with Sundar at his office photoshoot event. From there they get close to eachother and fall in love. Later, he face a huge task to impress the family members. What will the lovebirds do to get acceptance from the respective family members? Will their ideas workout? How will Sundar and Leela’s love life takes next phase with marriage, forms rhe main crux of the film.

Undoubtedly, Nani did the role of Sundar in the boy next role in a brilliant way. He did an outstanding work with settled performance. Though he is not new in doing this kind of comic coated roles, Nani takes a new league in terms of performance and provides hilarious treat with his comic timing and situational fun moments. The emotional side in Nani’s acting is also showcased nicely without any medicore drama. Nani’s performance and his situational comedy are backbone for this light-hearted drama.

Nazriya Nazim is a special attraction as she is perfect pick for the female lead role in the movie. Her confidence in acting and expressive facial features add depth to the proceedings. The chemistry between Nani and Nazriya is presented in an effective manner.

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Artists such as Naresh, Rohini, Nadiya, Azhagam Perumal perfectly fitted in the family setup as parents. Harshavardhan is hilarious in the office boss role. Heroine Anupama Parmeshwaran is cute in her cameo role and did her part quite convincingly.

The first half of the film spends a large portion going through the main leads’ backstory and the childhood version of both Nani and Nazriya which take up a lot of screen time. Though the scenes are good, they would have been trimmed as they come as a speed breaker for the flow of the film’s length.

After initial establishment, the childhood episodes would have been tightened with ediitng as they look like more than require detailing at parts to keep the runtime within the limits. Except for that, the film has absolutely nothing like a wasted scene or episode.

Technical Crew:
There is nothing new in director Vivek Athreya’s storyline but he made sure that the screenplay of the film is packed with fun elements and family emotions. His scene order and the narrative are blended nicely with gripping proceedings.

Special mention to music by Vivek Sagar. The talented musician has come up with a fresh sounding and impressive tunes and background score. While all the songs are situational and passable in screen, his background score registers well.

Niketh Bommi did superb as a cinematographer and presented the entire film on a beautiful note. Editing by Ravi Teja Girijala is okay but could have been even better as the runtime is almost three hours long. Production values for this light-hearted family drama are nice.

All in all, Ante Sundaraniki is a rollercoaster ride of fun moments and family emotions. Though Vivek Athreya’s storyline is thin and we have seen in many movies earlier, his screenplay and execution makes difference for Ante Sundaraniki. Adding to it, the lead artists performances make this fun drama an easy one-time watch.


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