Anushka Shetty Reaction On Her Marriage Photo With Prabhas

Anushka Shetty Reaction On Her Marriage Photo With Prabhas

There is always a debate going on about the Prabhas-Anushka bond. There is nothing new to be said about the results of the films Bahubali and Mirchi, which were performed by both of them on the screen. There has always been speculation that the two lovers, who are also very close on the outside, will get married.

Whether these speculations will stop if one of the them gets married .. Prabhas is 40 years old and Anushka is 38 years old but the marriage momentum has not increased yet. With this, the discussion that there is something between the two is still going on. But when one mentions another about oneself, one denies that there is anything. The answer is skipped.

Recently Anushka .. There was a need to react indirectly about marriage with Prabhas. Staying away from social media, she re-activated her Twitter account in the wake of the release of her new film nishabdham and chit-chatted with fans.

On the occasion of the filming of Mirchi, Prabhas shared a photo of Anushka sitting on a pedestal in a wedding boat and asked Anushka what a fan would say about it. But without answering the question asked by the fan .. If a scene is a candid pic taken by both of them talking during the filming .. It is a film close to their own mind .. UV Creations says that it is their first film. Netizens commented that after seeing this answer, Anushka cleverly avoided saying anything about her relationship with Prabhas once again.

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