Are producers guild getting ready to control websites?

Are producers guild getting ready to control websites

Amid a world fighting the coronavirus pandemic, the Telugu film industry is engaged in a different kind of war, with what they call ‘fake news’, live update, and personal review websites.

Recently, the producers guild has decided to control these websites. Now, as per an inside report, the Producer’s Guild is preparing some guidelines to control this section of web media. The producers in the Guild have listed out a few points.

  1. The first condition is, if the web media wants advertisements from Tollywood, they should stop live updates and reviews until the morning show gets completed.

2. The second condition is that they should not write any personal gossips on film celebrities.

3. The third condition is, crucial things like the twists and theme of the story should not be revealed.

4. The fourth condition is web sites should not give a talk in the name of the censor report before the release.

Finally, they should avoid the news that detrimentally impacts the movie business.

Even if they control a section of web media in giving reviews, what about the Facebook pages and Twitter? Now, TikTok has also joined the reviews league recently. How can they control these instant reviews? It is practically not possible for the film industry to control society as per their wish.