Bheeshma Movie Review, US Premier Live Updates, Report

Bheeshma Movie Review, US Premier Live Updates, Report
Bheeshma Movie Review, US Premier Live Updates, Report

Nithiin (Nithin) Bheeshma Movie US Premiere Live Updates & Review

NIthiin Bheeshma Movie Review & Rating


Final verdict: Bheeshma is a fun film coated with good message. The entertaining first half and some what serious second half is the film’s combination. Director Venky Kudumula managed to narrate the predictable scenes in a funny manner. Overall, the film is decent and will satisfy the targetted audience.

7:15 AM: Movie ends on a fun note.. Full Review soon..

7:04 AM: As the film is heading towards climax, face off scene is on between the hero and villain..

6:57 AM: Mass song What a beauty is captured richly..

6:50 AM: Nice emotional thread in on between Nithiin and Ananth Nag..

6:41 AM: Hero and heroine land in a village to sortout a issue… Emotional thread is going on..

6:32 AM: Time for Super Cute song between the lead pair..

6:27 AM: More comedy scenes are ongoing. The narration is filled with fun elements..

6:20 AM: A few more comedy scenes are on between Nithiin and Vennela Kishore..

6:10 AM: Second half started on a fun note. Comedy scenes are on..

First Half Review: Till now, the film has a fun narration and the scenes between the lead pair are good. The interval twist is good and raises expectations on the second half

5:52 AM: A series of serious scenes between Nithiin , Sampath and Naresh lead to a interval point. Intermission..

5:43 AM: A big debate is going on between Anant Nag and Jisshu Sen regarding farming..

5:38 AM: Fun scenes are on between Nithiin, Sampath and Naresh..

5:30 AM: A few rom-com scenes are on between Nithiin and Rashmika..

5:27 AM: Aswathama villain Jisshu Sen Gupta introduced as a wicked minded corporate head.

5:20 AM: After a few introduction scenes, now it’s time for the second song Sara Sari…

5:15 AM: A gang teases heroine and the proceedings lead to a small fight

5:11 AM: Heroine Rashmika makes an entry now..

5:06 AM: Bramaji as a tv reporter and Sampath as a cop make an entry. Naresh also joins the scene as Nithiin’s father..

5:00 AM: Time for the super hit track Singles Anthem. Hebah Patel flashes in a few scenes in the song

4:50 AM: The proceedings lead to hero Nithiin’s introduction in a funny manner.. Comedian Vennela Kishore as his friend. Fun is on between them..

4:45 AM: Movie kick-starts with a speech on organic farming by actor Anant Nag..


Release Date: 21/02/2020
Rating: 21/02/2020
Cast: Nithiin, Rashmika Mandanna lead roles
Director: Venky Kudumula
Music director: Swara Sagar Mahathi
Producer: S. Naga Vamshi

Bheeshma Preview:

Hero Nithiin, who took more than a year gap after the back to back failures of LIE, Chal Mohan Ranga and Srinivasa Kalyanam is back with a rom-com titled, Bheeshma. Being directed by Venky Kudumula of Chalo fame, the film is all set to hit the screens tomorrow. The film’s US premieres will start at 4:30 AM (IST).

Going by the film’s promotional stuff it is evident that Nithiin is playing a safe game this time by picking a simple romantic entertainment coated with a good message on organic farming. As seen in the trailer, Nithiin is playing as a meme creator and is also the most eligible single who is desperately in need of a girlfriend. Coming to the female lead, young starlet Rashmika is adorable in the promos and the chemistry between the lead pair Nithiin and Rashmika is already hinting a fresh feeling to the entire setup. Songs composed by Mahat Sagar are getting positive feedback from the music lovers and created good hype.

Amidst all the positive buzz surrounded, all that Bheeshma needs is a decent word of mouth to make maximum revenues during the Sivaratri festival weekend. Will the film create magic and brings back Nithiin to limelight? needs to be seen.

Naga Vamsi bankrolled Bheeshma under the Sithara Entertainments banner.

Bheeshma Trailer: