Valmiki Title changed to Gaddalakonda Ganesh Movie, Varun Tej, Harish Shankar, Valmiki Movie Review- live updates
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Valmiki’ starring Mega Prince Varun Tej is all set to release on Friday. However, the film’s title was controversial before its release. For the past couple of weeks, Valmiki has been battling it out in the courts with the backing of politicians to change the title. Telangana court has sought a counter-explanation on this.

There is still a war about the title change of the film while it is being released tomorrow. There are still hardships to the film. Latest Anantapuram .. Valmiki movie release in Kurnool District collector Satyanarayana on Thursday issued an order to stop the release of the film in view of peace and security. The collector has warned that stringent action will be taken against theater owners who defy orders.

Against this backdrop, “Urgent Press Meet” has suddenly reached the 9.30 pm press conference. Director Harish Shankar is expected to interact with the media including producers of 14 reels entertainment ventures. However, it seems likely that the title will be changed at the last minute by the demand of Bolli for Valmiki. The title of the film ‘Gaddalakonda Ganesh’ has been finalized. Movie unit feels that there is no harm in this change, as the name has already gone into the Youth with a teaser trailer. Telangana court directors have revealed that the title will be changed to ‘Ganeshakonda Ganesh’. It should be said that Valmiki has joined the campaign as a whole.