Big news: IPL is coming

Big news_ IPL is coming

The coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on Indian cricket. It first forced the BCCI to mark an early end to the domestic and international season and also saw the board postponing the start of IPL 2020. The tournament has already been postponed twice and there is no clear update regarding it.

The current head coach of the Zimbabwe cricket team, Lalchand Rajput has stated that IPL 2020 can definitely take place behind closed doors. Citing Bundesliga’s example, Lalchand Rajput said that if the German football league can come back after the pandemic, the IPL can also replicate the same.

Empty stadiums, distant celebrations, masked substitutes, and the sound of the ball piercing the net, that’s how European football marked its return when Bundesliga continued their campaign after a break of almost two months because of the coronavirus outbreak globally.

However, Lalchand Rajput is of the opinion that alike Bundesliga, IPL 2020 can also take place behind closed doors.

While the Indian board has certainly got the nod to conduct events behind closed doors, we try to narrow down as to what the BCCI really needs in order to organize the IPL 2020. So, it is a piece of good news for cricket lovers.