Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Winner: Rahul Sipligunj Celebrations Video Viral!

Rahul Sipligunj emerges as winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 3
Rahul Sipligunj emerges as winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 3

Big Boss Season 3 Telugu winner will be screened in the next few hours. With five Strong contenders in the final, the organizers were careful not to reveal who the winner was. But according to Buzz, it is clear that the main competition is between Rahul and Srimukhi. Various surveys and poll results also reveal that neither Rahul nor Sreemukhi is a winner. Because the votes for Srimukhi and Rahul are equal.

In the meantime, Srimukhi and Rahul supporters have split into two groups and are raising heights. In the past, however, there was no rush of the army. Srimukhi is the Bigg Boss Winner from the beginning of the season The campaign is mostly over. In addition to Eliminated Contestants, many Audians expressed a similar view. A fake photo is going viral as Srimukhi has won the Bigg Boss Season 3 title. Srimukhi, who won the title of Bigg Boss Season 3. This photo was shared by Srimukhi Fans, who sharpened their tactics in the process of collecting votes. However, the original photo reveals that the photo was morphing and that Srimukhi’s Bigg Boss entry changed the photo.

Rahul Fans, however, did not expect such gimmicks to come. Rahul became the Bigg Boss Winner. the video is going viral on social media, as taglines hit the video: “Congrats Rahul .. Big Boss Winner.” Someone will light up the winner in a few hours. But after announcing Winner .. Contestants come out only after the episode is telecast. The same has happened for the last two seasons. Is Rahul coming out of the Season 3 finale telecast and stepping down to Theinmar? Winner is lightened by a castaway. In the meantime, the netizens are firing something of this cheap trick.