Bimbisara Review: Kalyan Ram shines

Bimbisara Movie Review & Rating : 3.25/5
Starring: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Catherine Tresa, Samyuktha Menon, Warina Hussain.
Director: Mallidi Vashist
Producer: Hari Krishna K
Music Directors: M. M. Keeravani, Chirrantan Bhatt, Varikuppala Yadagiri
Cinematography : Chota K. Naidu

Bimbsara Telugu Movie Review:

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram starrer semi- period drama, Bimbisara, under the direction of Vasshisht is out today. Let’s analyse it.

Story: Being a sadistic and egoistic king of the Trigartala kingdom, Bimbisara’s only aim is to conquer nearby kingdoms with ruthless behaviour. In an unexpected scenario, an incident changes his life and pushes him into the present-day world. What is the connection between the past and present? Does Bimbisara redeem himself, forms the main USB of the film.

Merits: There is no second thought in saying that Kalyan Ram is the life and soul of the film. Acting wise he improved a lot and looks absolutely royal as Bimbisara. His styling is superb, and he carries the entire film on his shoulders. He showcased good variations in dialogue delivery and body language.

The female leads Catherine Tresa and Samyuktha have a lesser screen presence. Prakash Raj is okay with his usual acting. Comedy by Srinivas Reddy, Chhammak Chandra, and Vennela Kishore evokes good fun. Actor Ayyappa Sharma is commendable as Kethu.

Though the film has a couple of villains, they are not presented in an effective manner. The child artist is good with her acting.

Bimbisara Telugu Movie Review
Bimbisara Telugu Movie Review

Bimbsara Telugu Review:

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The debutant director Vashisht get a superb job in executing the film on a largely engaging note but he would have focused on the writing part and narrative in the key second half. It’s not that the second half is bad but after witnessing a high-end first half, the audience will definitely expect something more from the latter half which is missing in Bimbisara.

Technical Crew:
The work done by the VFX team is good. There were some scenes that looked dull at times but in an overview the VFX and Graphics work is impressive.

The background score elevates all the crucial scenes in an engaging manner and MM Keeravaani proves yet again with his magical instrumentation. Songs composed by Chiranthan Bhatt are audible on screen.

The production values are rich as is the case with the cinematography by Chota K Naidu. Editing by Tammi Raju is alright. The action part is done nicely by taking good care.

To wrap up, Bimbisara is a tailor-made film for Kalyan Ram and the actor gave his cent percent to do justice which is visible on screen. After experiencing a high voltage first half but good interval block, the audience expects will be sky high in the second part but it runs on a flat note and takes an emotional U-turn. But still, keep a check our expectations and Bimbisara will end up as a watchable fare.

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