Birthday Boy Sai Tej is a great decision Help to build an Oldage home
Birthday Boy Sai Tej is a great decision Help to build an Oldage home

Hero Sai Dharam Tej is reportedly using some of the money he earns through movies to social service. Teju is already helping orphanages. However, this time it was decided to make a permanent solution to an old house under construction.

An old age home is being built at Vambay Colony in Vijayawada. However, due to a shortage of funds, the construction of the ashram was halted. A few days ago, an NGO called ‘Amma Prema Adoration’ pleaded with Twitter to seek financial assistance to complete it. The tweet tagged Pawan Kalyan, Samantha, Saidaram Tej, upasana kamineni, Manchu Lakshmi and Manchu Manoj.

This tweet was taken by Sai Dharam Tej Serious. About that old home. Its construction was completed. To celebrate his birthday on Tuesday (October 15), Teju shared a video message via Twitter. He said that not only himself but also mega fans were involved in the construction of the old house.

Teju said that on his birthday, he suggested to the fans not to set up Flexies and Birthday parties. In the video message, Teju said he would bear the entire cost of building an old house. All the mega fans have contributed Rs 1 lakh.

Teju has said that he will help finance the oldage home and maintain it for a year. Teju said that this is not a matter of pride, but that if someone is inspired by him and can find a lasting solution to a problem. Overall, Teju made a great decision on his birthday.