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Box Office: Tiger 3’s Second-Day Struggle and Holiday Hopes

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Salaman Khan recent release Tiger 3 box office collection report: After a promising start on its first day, there were high hopes for Tiger 3 to perform exceptionally well at the box office on its second day, especially in the North, where it coincided with a major holiday. The day after Diwali is typically a fantastic day for movies. However, Tiger 3 didn’t quite meet expectations; it only saw a 30% growth from its first day.

On the first day, Tiger 3 made around 44 crores, a decent figure considering it was released on Diwali Laxmi Pooja day when fewer people tend to go to the movies in the evening. Many anticipated a significant jump in numbers on Monday, hoping for a range of 75-80 crores, similar to what Jawan achieved on its 3rd and 4th days. Even if not that great, people expected Tiger 3 to at least reach around 70 crores on its most significant box office day. However, the actual numbers fell below expectations.

Trade experts estimate that Tiger 3 collected around 58 crores on its second day at box office. So far, the movie has made around 100-102 crores in two days. Today marks another holiday in the North, and Tiger 3 might earn another 45-50 crores. In total, it could reach 150 crores in three days, which is acceptable, but considering it’s a holiday movie with big stars in the Spy Universe, many expected better.

It appears that not-so-great word of mouth might be the reason it didn’t perform as well as anticipated. The film might find it challenging to reach the 400-crore net mark in India. The coming days will reveal if Tiger 3 can pick up momentum and exceed expectations.

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