Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma ,Chi La Sow Movie, Telugu Movie Reviews
Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma ,Chi La Sow Movie, Telugu Movie Reviews

Movie Name: Chi Law Sow Telugu Movie Review
Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Anu Hasan, Rohini, Rahul Ramakrishna and Others
Director – Rahul Ravindran
Producer – Nagarjuna, Jashwanth, Bharat K
Banner – Annapurna Studios, Siruni Cine Corporation
Music – Nagarjuna, Jashwanth, Bharat K

Actor turned Director Rahul Ravindran’s Chi La Sow has become one of the most interesting projects with Nagarjuna joining the team as one of the producers. Sushanth who made multiple attempts to establish himself as a commercial hero tried something new this time. Chi La Sow is a love story with different set up that packs some surprises as well as good fun.

What is it about?

Arjun (Sushanth) doesn’t want to get married for another five years, but his parents force him to get married soon. As Arjun is reluctant to attend Pelli Chupulu, his mother comes up with an idea to introduce the girl to him at his home. Anjali (Ruhani) is a middle class girl who is dealing with a mother that has health issues. Arjun and Anjali meet at the former’s house on an evening, but soon find out that they are not ready for marriage. But things take a surprising turn and the couple lands in a situation that they cannot leave each other on that night. How they find out that they are made for each other is what this story is about.


Sushanth is cool as the boy next door. He has wasted a lot of time trying to do larger than life characters to get commercial mileage. His performance as Arjun proves that Sushanth can act. Ruhani is a great find. She is a terrific actress. She is perfect fit as Anjali, an independent girl who is reluctant to fall in love. Rohini is very good as the suffering mother of Ruhani. Anu Hassan also is natural. Vennela Kishore brings the roof down in a couple of hilarious scenes. Rahul Ramakishna is seen in a cameo.


Rahul Ramakrishna’s story appears a regular one at the beginning. He packs in many surprises in the second half by setting the story in a particular time frame (Evening to Morning). He tells the story in an unpredictable way that makes it more fun. There are a few hiccups in the first hour, but the second half offers a few genuine fun moments.

The soundtrack is okay but not great. A better soundtrack would have been a great boost for Chi La Sow’s business prospects. Cinematography is decent. Editing is crisp. Production values are fine.

Thumbs Up:

Ruhani’s performance

Vennela Kishore comedy

Second half

Thumbs Down:

Slow Pace

Lethargic first half


Chi La Sow is a new age love story that doesn’t tread the regular path. It starts off as a regular story where we are introduced to a protagonist who is reluctant to marry. Arjun is a guy with dreams like owning a sports car and going on a Euro trip. He doesn’t want to get married and give up on his dreams. However, he is introduced to a girl who doesn’t take much time to make him feel the ‘connect’.

Anjali is a self made girl who wants to get married as soon as possible to keep her ailing mother happy. She is deeply hurt to know that Arjun is not ready for marriage but has agreed to meet her on his mother’s insistence. Arjun agrees to marry her, but Anjali rejects as she is not willing to enter into a hurried and complicated relationship. But fate has another plan for the couple. Instead of bidding good bye after their first meeting, they are forced to stay together on that night.

Many unpredictable incidents happen on that eventful night that brings them together. Both of them get close with each incident, but Anjali has her own reservations. Can Arjun convince her that they are made for each other? Director Rahul Ravindran opens the film on a very casual note and takes it forward at a very slow pace. First half is similar to Pelli Chupulu setup but in a different atmosphere.

Chi La Sow gets interesting in the second half as the couple moves out of the house. This is where Rahul succeeds as he doesn’t run the film on a predictable note. He throws some unforeseen surprises to keep the audience interested. Writing a love story that happens in one night is not as easy as it sounds. The happenings should be convincing without missing the logic. Although a few episodes appear absurd at the start, they take a completely different turn to not only surprise but also provide entertainment.

Chi La Sow is slow paced romance that has an uneven first half. But the entertaining second half and a couple of good comedic episodes make it a fun watch on the whole. It is not a movie for audience that looks for regular entertainment. It is a niche film that should click with the multiplex audience.