Chiranjeevi Sye Raa Strength- weakness In Bollywood
Chiranjeevi Sye Raa Strength- weakness In Bollywood

There is much difference between the people of the North and the people of the South. The patriotic pals in the north are just too much. Analysts say Prime Minister Modi has done little in the last five years and has won by using nationalism in his fight against Pakistan. In the south of the country, such lentils are not.

However, the public’s mentality is understood to be a clear cut for the North – South. Cinematic unit has also raised hopes of a Telugu film ‘Sye Raa’ in the patriotic North India. For some years, the huge Southern films in North India have been a sensational success. Baahubali and then the Robo.. It rained till the last day. Throughout the Critics Saaho Flap but saw the crowds. Collections came ..

However, Megastar Chiranjeevi, who released the Hindi film ‘Aaj Ka Gundaraj’ in the 90s, is now back in Hindi after almost 30 years. ‘SyeRaa’ is being released in Hindi. Will the Hindi people support a senior hero film like Chiranjeevi? Or is there doubt in the analysts ..

But Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan’s presence in Sye Raa is well-received. He can bring the audience to the theater with his image. The visual effects of the Baahubali-like battle scenes are also present in ‘Sye Raa’, making the film close to the Hindi public. Cinema analysts believe that the absence of such huge films in Hindi cinema is also a cause for audience interest.

While the Saaho also disliked the Critics, its full-action high-tech standers have attracted audiences north of the collection. Now that Sye Raa is mainly a patriotic film, it is being released on October 2nd. Analyzes are underway to see if the film will perform well in Hindi in view of the increased national sentiment in the north.