Chiranjeevi Tested Negative For Covid 19

Almost three days after the news of Chiranjeevi testing positive for Covid-19 came forth, thursday Megastar Chiranjeevi tweeted that the previous result was a false positive and he was indeed Covid negative. Chiranjeevi’s corona positive became the talk of the town when ‘Acharya’ had to start shooting. Moreover, it has become more confusing with his recent merger with Nagarjuna to form Chief Minister KCR. fans as well as members of the film industry prayed to God that Chiranjeevi would recover quickly.

Chiranjeevi took to Twitter to explain how after testing positive on November 9th, he had a CT scan taken for his chest at the Apollo Group of Hospitals. It is here that doubt of a false negative came forth as the scan had no traces of infection or damage in the lungs. The actor eventually got tested three times at Tenet Hospital on three different RTPCR kits all of which gave a negative report. Chiranjeevi thanked everyone who prayed for his recovery.

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