Did Chiranjeevi really shave .. should be shocked if you knew the real truth ..
Did Chiranjeevi really shave .. should be shocked if you knew the real truth ..

Megastar Chiranjeevi Urban Monk:  Megastar Chiranjeevi has recently surprised fans by appearing with Urban Monk that is the bald head. However, fans have been debating whether Chiranjeevi has shaved his head. It’s dusty from the moment he posted the photo. Basu says that millions of people have seen the photo and lost their mega look. Even though the original Chiru was fine in that shell. Chiranjeevi tests himself during the lockdown. Once in awhile one looks at the other. Meanwhile, when Bluff Master director Gopi Ganesh met, he appeared without a mustache and was amazed. Recently, Chiranjeevi revealed the real secret behind this shave.


Chiranjeevi Acharya is currently making a film. After that, he is remaking the hit Tamil film ‘Vedalam’ in Telugu under the direction of Mehr Ramesh. Shiva directed the film in which Ajith played the hero in Kollywood. Vedalam has become a super hit there. Producer AM Ratnam wanted to remake the film in Telugu under the direction of Neeson with Pawan Kalyan as the hero at the time. To this extent, poojas were also performed but could not. But now Chiranjeevi is remaking the same movie.


In the original version of the film, Ajith stays with Bald. There will be that hairstyle with short hair. Now for the upcoming episode in Flashback, Chiranjeevi has also done a test look with a razor to check what it would be like to look shaved. Makeup experts have made Chiranjeevi look shaved as if it is a real shave. Everyone thought Chiranjeevi was true until he said on his Instagram that it was a make-up test. This make-up, which was irritated by the make-up experts as a whole, has now become a topic of discussion once again.





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Thanks to all the technicians of the industry, who can make any look believable. Salute the magic of cinema!

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