Does Varma want to say anything else with
Does Varma want to say anything else with "Disha Encounter"?

Even during this lockdown, director Ram Gopal Varma, who created a sensation with his films, has been making films on various political and real-life events that have created a sensation in our Telugu states in recent times and is constantly opening up to new controversies. As well as many political backdrop movies have chosen an infinite number of sensitive elements. He also got the attention he needed when the movie “Murder” was announced.

Now he has released the first look poster announcing the movie “Disha Encounter” on the Disha incident which caused a stir last year as well. However, when Varma chooses such sensitive and sensational events as films, he gets the attention he deserves. But he is showing a different angle in the film. I have to say that we are planning for this film as well now.

Everyone knows about this incident so we can say that it is not just about her but also about how they killed the people who were the main reason for the incident. Definitely something will happen if Mari Varma makes a difference again. Meanwhile, the teaser of the film will be released on September 26 and the film will be released on November 26.