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Dum Masala: Mahesh will be joining with dancers for mass steps.

Mahesh will be joining with dancers for mass steps for Guntur Kaaram first single Dum Masala. Mahesh Babu Mass steps for Dum Masala song, Guntur Kaaram second song

In the realm of Mahesh Babu movies, the first song always carries its unique charm. The latest addition to the Superstar’s repertoire, “Dum Masala” song from Guntur Kaaram, has stirred immense excitement among fans.

As the song gains massive popularity, reports suggest that the makers are contemplating changes to their initial plans. Originally envisioned as a background song with Mahesh Babu in powerful mass looks, the latest buzz hints at incorporating dancers and mass dance moves into the visuals.

However, a rift has emerged among fans. While some are eager to see the song transformed with dynamic dance elements, many others vehemently advocate leaving it unchanged, reminiscent of the impactful background song style seen in the iconic “Athadu.” Fans are wary of the fate suffered by the title song of “Bheemla Nayak,” which, despite a promising sound, fell short in visuals and dance moves.

The looming question is whether Trivikram, the director, will opt for a song with intricate dance steps or stick to the powerful simplicity witnessed in “Athadu” and “Khaleja.” As the debate rages on, only time will reveal the fate of “Dum Masala” and whether it will remain a background anthem or evolve into a visually dynamic spectacle.

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