Tollywood celebrity director VV Vinayak is leaving politics and moving towards politics? There are interesting developments in that sense. Vinayak has previously stated very clearly that they have close ties with the YSR family.He commented that even if the opportunity came, he did not get into politics. But considering the recent steps of Vinayak … the argument that Vinayak’s political entry is guaranteed. Yesterday’s remarks were crucial to the evolution of this move – with yesterday’s comments sounding like Vinayak’s focus on Politics.

Coming news inside, In a function held in Vijayawada yesterday, Jakkampudi Raja, the Raja City MLA of East Godavari district took over as the Chairman of Kapu Corporation. Though the event was attended by a large number of YCP leaders. Vinayak attracted the attention of everyone who attended the event. Though Vinayak is expected to come to the event in the wake of his close relationship with Jakkampudi Raja..Vinayak made his own style speech at the event. If the YCP hit the bumper Victory in the recently concluded elections, Jagan assumed the post of CM. Referring to Jagan’s speech at the time of his swearing in as chief minister, Vinayak said that after winning the election, the Lord gave me the opportunity to become the chief of 4 crore people – saying that he liked them.

Inspired by those words, he said that he started going to the gym to become an actor while continuing as a director. Vinayak has said that the comments made by Jagan altogether have changed his view, It is rumored that he is joining the YCP soon. Meanwhile … Vinayak is expected to enter politics in the 2014 elections and is expected to contest as an MP on behalf of the YCP – but why he is unable to do so is heard by his close associates. Unlike the past, now that the YCP is coming to power – the comments made by Jagan – watching the steps of Vinayak very carefully … he is unlikely to join the YCP too soon.