First Look Poster Of Satyadev’s ‘Thimmarusu’ Released

Satyadev Thimmarusu Movie First Look Poster, Cast Crew Release Date, Teaser and Trailer

‘Thimmarusu’ is an upcoming film starring Satyadev, who has been doing distinct movies. ‘Assignment Vali’ is the film’s tagline. Produced by Mahesh Koneru’s East Coast Productions and Srujan Erabolu’s S Originals, this one is being directed by Sharan Koppishetty. The makers on Saturday were glad to release the First Look of this promising film. They announced that its teaser will be out on December 9.

Speaking on the occasion, the producers said, “Satyadev has carved a different image for himself by doing novel movies since the start of his career. We are happy to be making ‘Thimmarusu’ with such an actor. After releasing the First Look today, we are going to unveil the film’s exciting Teaser on December 9. The shoot of our movie is nearing completion. The plan is to release it in the month of January. We will be announcing other details soon.”

Satyadev Thimmarusu Movie First Look Released


Satyadev, Priyanka Jawalkar, Brahmaji, Ravi Babu, Ajay, Praveen, Ankith Koyya, KGF Balakrishna, Jhansi, Viva Harsha, Sandhya Janak, and others.


Director: Sharan Koppishetty
Producers: Mahesh Koneru, Srujan Erabolu
Music: Sri Charan Pakala
Cinematography: Appu Prabhakar
Art Direction: Kiran Kumar Manne
Action Directors: Venkat, Real Satish

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