Gaddalakonda Ganesh Movie Review, Varun Tej, Harish Shankar, Latest Movie News
Gaddalakonda Ganesh Movie, Varun Tej, Harish Shankar, Latest Movie News

Varun Tej Valmiki movie is slated for release on September 20. The film’s promotional images were impressive and expectations were high for the movie. The censor report is also positive. Valmiki titled has already demanded that the film be changed. Valmiki Boya group has been angry about how Valmiki name was put into a gangster movie.

However, with the concept of how to become a good person in the film has opened with the concept of the title, so the unit says that the title is adopted. Valmiki has already made it clear that he will block the release if the film’s title is not changed. The Karnool and Anantapur district collectors, who were expecting a tense situation at the time of the film’s release tomorrow, have issued orders to stop the release of the film. Collectors said the decision was made in view of peacekeeping. As a result, the release of the film has stopped in the two districts.

Now latest update is “Urgent Press Meet” has suddenly reached the 9.30 pm press conference. Director Harish Shankar is interact with the media including producers of 14 reels entertainment ventures. However, it seems likely that the title will be changed at the last minute by the demand of Bolli for Valmiki. The title of the film ‘Gaddala konda Ganesh’ has been finalized. we dont have any confirmation from two districts collectors, film postponed or releasing given time.