Review: Gully Rowdy- Formulaic entertainer

Gully Rowdy Telugu movie Review and rating
Gully Rowdy Telugu movie Review and rating

Movie: Sundeep Kishan Gully Rowdy Review
Gully Rowdy Rating: 2.5/5

Hero Sundeep Kishan and director G Nageshwar Reddy collaborated for the second time after the 2019 film, Tenali Ramakrishna BA.BL for a commercial entertainer titled, Gully Rowdy. Amid decent buzz, the film had its theatrical release today. Let’s analyse it.

To bring back the lost prestige of his family Vasu’s( Sundeep Kishan) grandfather raises him as a rowdy. As a Gully Rowdy, Vasu will face a challenge in safeguarding Venkat Rao’s ( Rajendra Prasad) property from a local criminal cop Raghu Naik( Bobby Simha). What incidents happen between Vasu and Raghu Naik interlinked with Venkat Rao’s property? Forms the main conflict point of the film.

Positive Points:
Sundeep Kishan as the lead actor carries the film on his shoulders with his energetic performance. Though a few heroic episodes look over the top, overall his screen presence is an advantage for the movie.

Heroine Neha Shetty is beautiful on the screen and gave a decent performance in her purposeful role. The on-screen chemistry between Sundeep Kishan and Neha Shetty will be loved by the youth audience.

Bobby Simha gets an impactful role and did his part quite impressively. Rajendra Prasad shines yet again in the given key role.

Other actors like Vennela Kishore, Viva Harsha, Posani Krishna Murali are apt in their comic roles.

Gully Rowdy Telugu movie Review and rating
Gully Rowdy Telugu movie Review and rating

Negative Points:
Though Bobby Simha’s character is impactful, it character lacks proper depth due to which the proceedings in the second half look dull at regular intervals.

The confrontation episodes between Sundeep Kishan and Bobby Simha are not executed in an effective manner which is also a minus for the film.

Compared to the first half, the pace in the second half drops eventually and brings a negative opinion on the film with dragged narration.

Technical Crew:
Director G Nageshwar Reddy, who is known for making commercial entertainers has tried to repeat the same magic with Gully Rowdy and succeeded to an extent. If he would have focused more on presenting the proceedings in the second half in a gripping manner, the result would have been unanimous.

Music by Sai Kartheek and Ram Miriyala is decent as audio-wise songs are good but the background score is loud at parts and fails to register. The cinematography work by Sujatha Siddharth is nice and he showcased the locations in and around Vizag city beautifully.

Chota K Prasad’s editing is okay as he kept the film’s runtime within the limits.
Production values for this limited budget film are decent.

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Overall, Gully Rowdy is a formulaic entertainer that has fun moments to enjoy but the lack of depth in the characters and uneven screenplay in the second half proceedings may not get universal applause. Keeping loopholes in the narration aside, If you are a fan of fun entertainers, Gully Rowdy will end up as an easy one-time watch during this weekend.

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