Here is the big story behind delay in Krack’s release

Here is the big story behind delay in Krack's release
Here is the big story behind delay in Krack's release

Mass hero Ravi Teja’s new film, Krack is actually scheduled for a worldwide release on January 9, 2021. But due to financial issues, the film’s release had faced a problem since early shows.

After repeated postponements, Krack was finally screened in a few selected theatres in AP and Hyderabad. Fans, who have waited patiently from the morning have got a chance to witness the film for night shows after 10:30 PM.
Well, from yesterday morning many are saying that the film has been a financial issue and it is the main reason behind not screening the film on time.When tried to crack the financial disturbance behind Krack, our sources revealed a different story.
Reportedly, Krack producer Tagore Madhu, who kept 2015 Telugu hit, Temper film rights with him has sold to Tamil media house Screen Scene. After changing multiple hands, the film was made as Ayogya in Tamil with Vishal.
Tagore Madhu, who sold the rights of Temper to Screen Scene media house for ₹11 crores had also taken ₹5 crores in advance basis. After facing many hurdles, Ayogya released in 2019 and ended up as a washout disaster and the five crore dispute continued between Tagore Madhu and Screen Scene media.
As Tagore Madhu’s big film, Krack has released now, the management of Screen Scene media went ahead by filing a legal action.Since morning discussions went ahead between both the camps and finally settled by evening.
Initially, news came out that the film has cleared all issues and ready for a release during the first shows but it did not happen. Later, in a few selected screens across twin Telugu states, Krack shows screened after 10:30 PM.
So, this is the big story behind the delay in Krack’s repeat postponements on its first day, guys!!!