Hollywood Team For Rana _Virataparvam_ Movie
Hollywood Team For Rana _Virataparvam_ Movie

Rana Daggubati ‘Virataparvam’ is a film directed by Venu Udugala and Sai Pallavi playing lead role. The film started several months ago but was delayed for some reason. The key scenes of Sai pallavi refrain are shot. Part of Rana and some of the key scenes are filming. It is reported that the film will be in the background of the Naxals movement and hence the film will be mostly in the forest area.

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The director is planning the adventure action scenes in the forest area as a highlight. That’s why team is going to bring in famous action choreographer Stefan Richer from Hollywood. In the past, he has done stunts for a few Bollywood films as well as Billa 2 which is a huge hit in Tamil. He is ready to make the audience feel real with a variety of action concepts.

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The film’s unit members decided to bring Ayan into the field, though he was the only one who was keen to correct the action scenes in the jungle. Rana is currently at Rest. He is going to be join in shooting soon. First, after shooting some scenes, then the action scenes are about to start. The shooting of Virataparvam movie will resume soon. The film is expected to premiere next year.