I know very well about ‘Namrata shirodkar’ .. Bandla Ganesh responding to the latest allegations

I know very well about 'Namrata shirodkar' .. Bandla Ganesh responding to the latest allegations
I know very well about 'Namrata shirodkar' .. Bandla Ganesh responding to the latest allegations

The drug controversy in the Bollywood film industry seems to be making some movie stars sweats. There have been many allegations that drug use has been around for years in that industry. After Sushant’s death, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials are pulling the strings on a small scale. The names of several stars have already come out. Bandla Ganesh reacted to the allegations in the Bollywood media that had a Namrata name.


WhatsApp chat ‌ leaked: It seems that NCB officials are planning to prosecute Big Stars in Bollywood soon too. The news about it is also going viral in the Bollywood media. Deepika Padukone has also received notices from her manager Karishma in a drug case following the leak of her WhatsApp chat. There seems to be a chance that the real secrets will come out in a few more days.


Allegations On Namrata:  In the wake of leaks, etc., the Bollywood media has gone one step further and suspected the names of Tollywood stars have also become a hot topic. Recently, there were allegations that Namrata Shirodkar’s name was in a code on WhatsApp. Dragging the name of Namrata into the news before knew the facts became controversial.


I know about her .. Bandla Ganesh Namrata Shirodkar is already getting huge support from the fans. Slowly the movie stars are also supporting her. Now Bandla Ganesh also supported his own style. I have known about her for 15 years. She has given inspiration to many women. I can say that Namrata is a great wife as well as a good mother. She means a lot to me .. Bandla Ganesh tweeted on social media.


Bandla Ganesh’s tweet supported the viral: Namrata and also posted a photo of Bandla Ganesh bragging about her personality. A related tweet has now gone viral on social media. Ghattamaneni fans are also responding positively to Bandla Ganesh’s tweet. It remains to be seen how the Mahesh family will react to the Bollywood media allegations




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