Is Sukumar making the same mistake again?

Is Sukumar making the same mistake again

‘Pushpa’ is a movie starring stylish star Allu Arjun and director Sukumar. The film’s first look was released on Wednesday during Bunny’s Birthday.

Director Sukumar, who showed his strengths with the first film. ‘Arya’ is not a single account of this master. That is why the film has made Allu Arjun as the star, sukumar as the star director and Dil Raju as the star producer. However, with the boost given by ‘Arya’, the creative director has re-titled ‘Arya-2’ as a sequel to the hit movie. Otherwise, the hero is given a very peek in the film. So the first movie hit with Bunny became the second movie.

Sukumar, who hit the movie again with ‘100% Love’, convinced Mahesh Babu and made the movie ‘1 Nenokkadine’. Usually some movies flap on a script. But ‘1 nenokkadine’ is totally different. The movie is very classy with excellent screenplay. Otherwise, the screenplay has been criticized by intellectuals like Sukumar as difficult to understand. Mahesh’s story is heard by Doubts one or two times. But the audience was reluctant to go to the theater once or twice.

But Sukumar has not abandoned his conundrum. Subsequently, the same formula was followed for the film with NTR. In the movie ‘nannaku prematho’, The four previous films, Back to Back, come in the same theme, all in one zoner. But ‘Rangasthalam’ is not the only Sukumar film .. It has come up with a new theme and original flavor in the upcoming Telugu films. Sensational success. However, the first look at the film has revealed that ‘Pushpa’, which is currently being screened with Sukumar Allu Arjun, will also be released as a Periodic Movie in Raw Back Drop. That is, Doubt comes back to whether Sukku wants to make another ‘Rangasthalam’ again.

By the time the ‘Rangasthalam’ arrives, it is a new flavor and the impact it has on the film’s audience will not go away. And how much of this time the object that is sucking. There is also a campaign called Mahesh’s Rejected Story. The answer to all this is only after the release of ‘Pushpa’. Everything is suspense until then.