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Jawan censor – runtime and plot summary revealed

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“Jawan” is an upcoming film that has generated a lot of excitement among fans. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and directed by Atlee, the film is set to release on September 7th in multiple languages including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

The teaser and previews of the film have already created a considerable amount of hype among the audience. The anticipation surrounding “Jawan” has been fueled by its star-studded cast as well as the intriguing plotline.

The film has received a U/A certification from the censor bord (CBFC), which means it is suitable for a wide range of audiences. As for its runtime, “Jawaan” boasts a length of 2 hours and 49 minutes – providing an ample amount of screen time for viewers to immerse themselves in its engaging narrative.

One particular aspect that has caught everyone’s attention is the inclusion of actors Vijay Sethupathi and Deepika Padukone in key roles. Their involvement adds another layer of talent to an already impressive ensemble cast.

The Jawan story revolves around a common man who finds himself facing unjust accusations. An emotional journey of a man who is set to rectify the wrongs in the society, in an attempt to get even with his past, driven by a personal vendetta while keeping up to a promise made years ago.

Jawan censor -runtime and story Revealed
Jawan censor -runtime and story Revealed

A high-octane action thriller where he is up against a dreadful monstrous outlaw who knows no fear and has caused extreme suffering to many. In the journey he will cross paths with a high-minded seasoned lady officer whose emotions might get the better of her as she gets involved in this battle.

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As his past catches up with him, to overcome the challenges and restore the harmony in their world, he will need all the firepower and intelligence to do so. The film delves into themes of justice, revenge, and redemption as the protagonist fights to clear his name amidst challenging circumstances.

With its intriguing storylines and talented cast members, “Jawan” promises to be an entertaining watch for fans across different languages and regions alike.

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