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Kabzaa Movie Review: Dull historical action drama

Kabzza Review: Upendra, Kiccha Sudeepa, Shiva Rajkumar and Shriya Saran latest action drama Kabzza released today. Kabzza trailer and teaser create huge expectations on film. the film is directed by P Chandru. lets go check out Kabzza movie review now.

Kabzza Telugu Movie Review & Rating: 2.5/5
Starring: Upendra, Kiccha Sudeepa, Shiva Rajkumar, Shriya Saran, Murali Sharma
Director: R Chandru
Producers: R Chandru
Music Director: Ravi Basrur

Story: Arkeshwara (Upendra), an Indian Air Force Officer, hails from a freedom fighter family. He is head over heels for Madhumathi (Shriya Saran), an affluent girl, and both plan to tie the knot. On the other hand, we get to see a bunch of dreadful gangsters and politicians who are craving power in Amarapura. In a complete turn around of events, Arkeshwara enters the crime world and eventually becomes a king. How did that change Arkeshwara’s life is the crux of the story.

Plus Points:
Upendra acting

Minus Points:
Very boring scenes
overaction scenes

Performance: Hero Upendra acted well. He did in different shades can’t be said to be amazing but he seemed okay. If the story doesn’t have the right emotions, then what is the point of doing it? The length of heroine Shriya’s role is very short but done very well.

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Except for the hero Upendra, everyone who acted in it did a bit more than what they had to do! It feels like that when watching those scenes. This is also a big minus for the movie.

Verdict: A movie will occasionally set trends with its original presentation or idea. One such movie that reimagined heroism in Indian cinema is KGF. There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from such ground-breaking films, but Kabzaa’s issue is that it almost appears to be a copy of KGF. Kabzaa lacks an authentic element, which is necessary for a picture to be appealing. Kabzaa closely resembles KGF in terms of plot, narration, and dialogue.

Yet, that is not Kabzaa’s only issue. The protagonist is forced into the criminal underworld in this time-honored tale. As there are no emotions in the movie, we cannot experience the characters’ suffering. The focus was solely on creating a film with a wide canvas that was larger than life, but sadly, the storytelling suffered as a result.

The cinematography is too good in Kabzaa, and the bygone era has been very well showcased. Upendra, who is known for his unique films, gave a very good performance. His screen presence is stunning, and he aced it in stunning action avatar.

The cameos by Kiccha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar give major relief. The actors though seen for a very short time, make their presence felt. The action sequences are nicely composed, and the interval bang is alright.

On the whole, Kabzaa is a loud and boring period action drama that fails to live up to its expectations. Upendra and the cinematography are the only solaces in this tiresome flick. The routine story, uninteresting narrative, and lack of emotions make it a disappointing fare. You can comfortably skip this film.


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