Karthi Jyothika Donga Movie Review and Rating

Karthi and Jyothika Donga Telugu Movie Review and Rating
Karthi and Jyothika Donga Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Movie Name: Donga Telugu Movie Review
Rating: 2.75/5
Release date : December 20, 2019
Starring : Karthi, Jyothika, Nikhila Vimal, Sathyaraj
Director : Jeethu Joseph
Producers : Viacom 18 and Parallel Mind Productions

After a cult hit like, Khaidi, Tamil hero is back with yet another thriller titled, Donga. Being helmed by Jeethu Joseph, the film had hit the screens today. Let’s see what worked and didn’t for the film.


A well-established politician named Gayanamurthy (Sathyaraj) brings a small-time thief Vicky (Karthi) as his son to the house. Vicky, a money-minded person by nature plans to take-up Gayanamurthy’s property and start his plans. This is the time when an attack will be planned on Vicky. Who is responsible for an attack on Vicky?Is there any reason behind targetting Vicky? How is Parvathy (Jyothika) interlinked with the entire story? Fórms the rest of the tale.


Truly, Karthi should be appreciated for his kind of unique script selection. He breathed life into the thief character and tried to emote good performance in the role which has two shades in it. He showcases a decent variation between both the roles and impresses the audience.

The Sister-brother relationship has been presented in an adorable manner and the thread is handled nicely. Jyothika as the elder sister delivers an impressive performance. The scenes between Karthi and Jyothika are a treat to watch on the screen.

Yet another main pillar of the film is Satyaraj as he gets a crucial role which has scope to deliver nice performance. The senior actor carried the role on his shoulders and gave an award-winning performance. Heroine Nikhila Vimal is cute as Karthi’s girlfriend.


To be frank, the film has hardly any demerits in it as it was shaped with a nice presentation.

Only thing is that once after watching the film we will get to know about the twists and turns and will lose interest in watching it multiple times.

Those who expect masala entertainment like item songs and glamour show will be disappointed.

Technical Crew:

Director Jeethu Joseph’s storyline is simple but he surprises with his amazing screenplay throughout the film. His way of introducing various characters at the required course in time is good and should be appreciated for his commendable job.

Editing work is nice and so is the case with the cinematography by R. D. Rajasekhar. They both dealt with the respective crafts with utmost care to bring good output.

Music by Govind Vasantha is soothing and pleasant. His background score for the key scenes in the second half is brilliant. Production values by Viacom 18 are rich.


At an overview, Donga is a brisk pace family thriller with interesting twists and turns. Karthi, Jyothika and Satyaraj did their roles perfectly and are a reason for the nice output. Go watch and experience this new-age thriller in cinemas near you.


Fresh after the super success of Khaidi, Tamil hero Karthi is coming up with yet another film titled, Donga. The film is a dubbing version of Tamil film, Tambi and will have a simultaneously release her in Telugu tomorrow.

One more special thing is that Donga also marks the first time collaboration of Karthi and his sister-in-law Jyothika. Directed by Drishyam fame Jeethu Joseph, the makers are promoting it as a new-age family thriller which also has Nikhila Vimal and Satya Raj in key roles.

But on the flip-side, despite delivering a cult hit like Khaidi, Donga is carrying a low buzz among the Telugu audience. Adding to it, the film is going to face tough competition from two of our Telugu films Ruler and Prati Roju Pandage.

Amidst competition, will Karthi prove his mettle yet again with Donga and surprise the trade? needs to be seen.



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