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Keeda Cola Movie Review

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Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi fame Director Tarun Bhaskar, who garnered significant popularity among the youth with his films, has displayed his uniqueness as an actor in several movies. After a short hiatus, Tarun directed the film ‘Keeda Cola’ in which he also played a key role. This movie, which generated high expectations with its exciting promos, was released to the audience today. Let’s go check out Keeda Cola movie review.

Keeda Cola Review and rating 2.5/5
Cast Tharun Bhaskar, Jeevan, Brahmanandam, Vishnu Oi, Rag Mayur, Raghu Ram and Others
Director Tharun Bhascker
Producer Saikrishna Gadwal, Upendra Varma
Music Vivek Saagar

Story: In the small town of Kondapur, Varadaraju (Brahmanandam), along with his grandson Vasthu (Chaitanya Rao) and their friend Lancham (Rag Mayur), discover a cockroach in a cola bottle, prompting them to take legal action against the company in pursuit of significant compensation.

Unbeknownst to them, recently released ex-convict Naidu (Tharun Bhascker) and his brother Jeevan (Jeevan), aspiring for a political career, had orchestrated the incident. The ensuing chaos revolves around their confrontation with the cunning CEO of the cola company, portrayed by Ravindra Vijay, leading to unforeseen and hilarious consequences in the world of Keeda Cola.

Positive Points: Tharun Bhascker – Background Music – First half – Negative Points: Weak plot – Conflict establishment – Climax

Performances: In ‘Keeda Cola,’ the casting has been well thought out, with actors perfectly suited for their respective roles. No character is portrayed as a typical hero or villain; instead, the narrative revolves around several equally significant characters.

Director Tarun Bhaskar’s portrayal of Naidu stands out, adding depth to the storyline. Jeevan delivers an impressive performance as Naidu’s brother, showcasing his acting prowess. Chaitanya Rao’s character may seem ordinary, but his performance is satisfactory. Brahmanandam’s comedy, while not reaching the heights of his previous roles, manages to elicit some laughter;

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however, it appears he was not utilized to his full potential. Vishnu, who gained popularity with ‘Mad,’ continues to display his unique talent in this movie. Rag Mayur also delivers a commendable performance, and Ravindra Vijay’s acting is decent. Overall, the cast contributes to the film’s diverse character dynamics, creating an engaging viewing experience.

Verdict: Tharun Bhascker as an actor stands out more than the director in this one. Comes up with a unique attempt but doesn’t reach the level of his previous two movies. However, still an alright watch with lowered expectations.

Overall Keedaa Cola A Quirky Crime Comedy that has some fun moments in both halves but between those moments is a very thin script that doesn’t transpire to much coupled with a lackluster climax sequence. Vivek Sagar’s BGM is an asset in this one. Ends up as an alright time pass watch.

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