Ketika Sharma Glamorous Pic Goes In Social Media

Hot spots are many, but not everyone has the talent to burn with one glance. But Delhi beauty Ketika Sharma can do the job in a pinch. Ketika is a popular model. The beauty has not made a Bollywood entry but is making a buzz with dub smash videos on YouTube. Those who watch Dub Smash videos will know this name. Needless to say, no more social media. There are 1.6 million followers on Instagram Account.

Katika posted a photo through her Insta account as Regent. The caption gave the photo a caption, “Be in the sun and breathe natural air”. Looks like caption is not a hot stranger in this case, but a nature lover? In this photo, a pearl cream color Choli is standing in a glass window wearing a dark pink color lehenga. Red color lipstick .. hand to hand glasses .. earrings … sexy with luscious hair. This is what it means to burn with a single glance without having to care much.

The photos received a stunning response. “Good. You’ve shown a good photo in the middle of all the tensions” .. “Sexy beauty” .. “You are like Sunny Leone” .. “Ultimate .. Hot bomb”.