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Kushi Telugu Movie Review

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Vijay Devarakona come back with Pawan kalyan’s blockbuster movie Kushi title. Kushi movie starring Samantha in lead role. The film released today with good hype and received positive response from the audience. so lets go and check out Kushi Review and public talk.

Kushi Review & Rating2.75/5
CastVijay Deverakonda, Samantha, Jayaram, Sachin Khedakar
DirectorShiva Nirvana
Music directorHesham Abdul Wahab
producerNaveen Yerneni, Ravi Shankar

Story: As Viplav and Aaradhya’s love story unfolds, they find themselves caught in the midst of a deep-rooted rivalry between their fathers. Lenin Satyam, a respected politician known for his progressive ideologies, has always been at odds with Chadarangam Srinivasa Rao, a traditionalist who holds conservative values close to his heart.

Unaware of their fathers’ animosity, Viplav and Aaradhya navigate through the complexities of their relationship. They face numerous challenges as they try to bridge the gap between their different backgrounds and beliefs. However, their love for each other remains strong, pushing them to overcome any obstacles that come their way. Viplav and Aaradhya marry against their parents’ wishes, and soon they encounter unexpected issues in their married life. How they sort them out forms the crux of the story.

Positive Points: Vijay & Samantha – Songs – Kashmir Visuals Negative points: Ineffective Conflict – Lack of emotional depth

Verdict: Vijay and Samantha’s kushi overall A Clean Rom-Com that is simple yet entertaining for the most part. However, despite the slow pace, the first half manages to captivate the audience with its breathtaking visuals of Kashmir. The picturesque landscapes and soul-stirring songs transport us to a world of romance and serenity. The chemistry between the lead actors is palpable, adding a touch of magic to their love story.

Kushi USA Premiere Live Updates & Public Talk
Kushi USA Premiere Live Updates & Public Talk

Yet, as the story unfolds, it becomes evident that something is missing. The plot seems to meander aimlessly, leaving us yearning for more substance and depth. We find ourselves eagerly waiting for the interval.

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Overall, the shift in focus from the central characters to family and emotional drama in the second half of the story provides a refreshing change of pace. While the first half primarily revolves around Viplav and Aradhya’s relationship, the introduction of family dynamics adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

Although the story continues at a slow pace, with certain logical gaps, it is saved by its strong emotional core and well-timed comedic moments.

Kushi is a romantic comedy directed by Shiva Nirvana, starring Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The film ends on a positive note, leaving the audience with a warm and fuzzy feeling. However, the initial portions of Kushi fall short in comparison to its second half. The pacing may feel slow at times, and some scenes could have been trimmed down to create a more impactful narrative. Overall it is a recommended watch.

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