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Kushi USA live Updates & Review

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Kushi telugu movie is all set to hit theaters on September 1st, starring Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha. The film is directed by Shiva Nirvana. Kushi movie creates good hype with trailer and songs. Now everyone looking for Kushi USA premiere live updates and Review.

According to the trade reports Kushi movie done 53 crores pre release business and set second highest Vijay career. Kushi USA booking also did well at box office. The film also features a talented supporting cast that includes Lakshmi, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Jayaram, Rohini, Sachin Khedekar, Saranya Ponvannan, Srikanth Iyengar, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Saranya Pradeep.

Kushi USA premiere live updates Here.

  • Kushi movie has begun just now, and it is 165 minutes long.
  • In the story, Sachin Khedekar is first portrayed as an atheist, and then the character Vijay Deverakonda is introduced in a straight forward manner.
  • The narrative now shift to Kashmir, where Vennela Kishore introduced, who brings a delightful touch of humor to the scenes unfolding. some funny scenes are going on.
  • Samantha is introduced as Aara. Vijay Deverakonda quickly develops feelings for her and constantly follows her around, showing his instant love for her.
  • It’s for the first song, Kushi, a beautifully shot and lovely track.
  • After the lovely song, Vijay Deverakonda gets involved in action with the locals for Samantha.
  • In this scenario, Ali makes a brief appearance, much like his role in the movie Desamuduru. The scene includes some funny moments before transitioning into a classic song called Naa Roja Nuvve.
  • The story turns a bit interesting as Vijay Deverakonda takes a crucial decision.
  • In a surprising turn of events, Murali Sharma is revealed to be Samantha’s father.
  • The lead characters’ fathers have a disagreement, which makes them dislike each other.
  • The lead pair takes a crucial decision and it’s time for inteval.

First half: “Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha’s love story is typical entertaining, with some good songs. It is a clean movie so far that has its moments.”

  • The second half begins. Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha get married, and it’s time for Aaradya song.
  • After beautiful romantic song, emotional scenes are happening now.
  • Now, comedy scenes involving Sachin Khedekar and Murali Sharma are going on.
  • The story enters a serious tone, and differences cropped between the lead pair.
  • The much-talked train fight scene concludes, followed by scenes of Samantha’s office party.
  • After some more funny scenes, it’s time for Osi Pellama track.
  • The story moves to Alleppey and emotional scenes involving Rohini and others are going on.
  • The film comes to an end. Keep watching this space for a detailed review Soon.

Kushi Review Telugu:

Though the film has a regular story and feels lengthy at times, the entertainment in the film works and the emotional quotient in the last 30 minutes works well. Barring a few hiccups here and there, it’s a pretty good watch!

Special mention to the Songs and BGM which were perfectly apt for a movie like this and carry the mood well. VD and Samantha both do well in this one. Easily VDs best after GG. Film could use some trimming in the 2nd half to make it crisper but it’s passable.

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