“Let’s get Married,” he said and she lost 12 Lakh!

Let's get Married,_ he said and she lost 12 Lakh!

With more and more people now having to rely on online purchases during the Covid-19 lockdown, fraudsters are lurking the internet looking for soft targets, mainly new netizen converts. According to the Cyber Cell officials, online fraudsters have become active in this lockdown. In total, Action Fraud has received over 3,600 reports of coronavirus-related phishing emails.

Recently, online fraud has happened in Hyderabad. The fraudster contacted a woman named Byula through matrimony. After a while, the man proposed the woman to get married and the woman said ‘Yes’. They have decided to get married and their parents also gave a green signal to their marriage.

One day, the fraudster called the woman and said that he is sending a gift box with a gold chain and gold watch through courier. The next day, she received a call in the name of a courier house and they have asked for Rs. 12 Lakhs as customs duty. The woman believed their words and made a transaction of Rs. 12 lakhs through online. But she hasn’t received the gift box and the man hasn’t answered her calls. Therefore, she approached the cybercrime police.