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MAD Movie Review: youthful entertainer

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Mad is a youthful entertainer film directed by Kalyan Shankar, featuring actors Narne Nithin, Ram Nithin, and Sangeeth Shobhan. The movie has generated a good amount of excitement through its promotional content. We have attended the paid premiers of Mad and will now evaluate the film.

Mad Review Rating2.75/5
Starring: ,Narne Nithin, Ram Nithin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Sri Gouri Priya Reddy
Director:Kalyan Shankar
Music Director: Bheems Ceciroleo
Producers: Haarika Suryadevara & Sai Soujanya

Story: The film “MAD” is about three carefree guys named Manoj, Ashok, and Damodhar who are studying in an engineering college. They spend their time getting into small fights at school. Manoj develops feelings for a girl named Shruthi, while Jenni has a crush on Ashok.

Damodhar, who is not interested in relationships, has his life turned upside down when he starts receiving daily calls from a girl named Vennela. The movie mainly focuses on the college experiences of these three friends.

Positive Points: Comedy – Damodar & Laddu’s Roles – Pre-Climax Twist Negative Points: Story – Songs

Verdict: MAD is a story set in an engineering college, focusing on the lives of three characters: Manoj, Ashok, and Damodar. The director quickly establishes the college atmosphere and introduces the characters, who are relatable and realistic. The plot kicks off when a senior student, Laddu, persuades a new student to stay and tells the story of their batch. The storytelling is smooth and engaging.

This story takes place in a college and includes common college experiences like hazing, fights in the cafeteria, exams, welcoming new students, saying goodbye to graduating students, romance, and friendship. It is a chaotic and enjoyable tale with many exaggerated comedic scenes, which, although somewhat repetitive, still manage to entertain. These scenes are there to pass the time and serve their purpose in the story.

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The songs in this movie are not very good and disrupt the overall flow. The creators of the film have stated that it is a comedy and those hoping for a compelling storyline and emotional depth may be let down. The twist at the end is somewhat predictable. There are a few curse words included to appeal to the movie’s youthful target audience, but this may be troubling for some viewers. The fight scene feels out of place and excessive. Additionally, some scenes may remind viewers of older films.

Overall, this movie offers a wild fun ride for those who want entertainment, as per the name “Mad”. Narne Nithin, Sangeet Shobhan, and Ram Nithin gave good performances. Apart from the routine plot and a few scenes, this movie is a decent entertainer for the week.

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