Mahesh Babu’s six essential rules to fight Corona

Mahesh Babu's six essential rules to fight Corona

Corona virus looming giant over India and this can be very vital section we face. Mahesh Babu, wishing everybody a homebound Ugadi listed out six important guidelines to observe in the course of the 21-day-lockdown that’s at the moment underway. “Pleased Ugadi to everybody!! I urge all of you to observe these 6 treasured guidelines to #FightAgainstCoronavirus in these excessive circumstances,” (sic) he wrote. Listed here are the principles he listed out:

1. First and foremost, stay at home. Don’t come out unless it is urgent.
2. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20/30 seconds before touching anything.
3. Avoid touching your face, especially eyes, mouth and nose.
4. Use your elbows or tissue when coughing or sneezing.
5. Understand the need for #SocialDistancing and ensure that you are at least 3 meters away from other people inside or outside your home.
6. Use the mask only if you have coronary symptoms or illness. Please consult your doctor or clinic if you have symptoms of COVID-19.