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Manchu Vishnu Injured in Kannappa Shooting.

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unfortunately Vishnu Manchu sustains severe injuries during Kannappa shooting today. Manchu Vishnu is aiming for significant success at the box office with his upcoming movie, Kannappa. His unique take on Kannappa’s story, a narrative that has not been explored in recent times, has become a hot topic of discussion.

Moreover, the presence of actors from other languages in this Pan India project has significantly heightened expectations. Particularly noteworthy is Prabhas, who will be portraying the role of Shiva. Additionally, Nayanthara is set to appear as Parvati. The film is currently in shooting at New Zealand.

However, unfortunate news has surfaced as Manchu Vishnu recently suffered an injury in a sudden accident on set. While filming crucial fight scenes, Vishnu accidentally fell onto a drone camera suspended in the air. Fortunately, his injuries were minor, primarily affecting his hands. Further details about the incident are yet to be disclosed.

Fortunately, reports indicate that Vishnu is in stable condition. The film crew promptly halted the shoot and rushed him to the hospital. This incident underscores the dedication and hard work that Vishnu and his team are putting into the Kannappa project.

Notably, Vishnu has faced accidents in action scenes before, a testament to his commitment to realistic portrayals. His brother, Manchu Manoj, has also performed genuine stunts in previous movies and faced similar challenges. Vishnu’s recent injury showcases the rigorous efforts invested in making Kannappa a cinematic spectacle that caters to audiences on a Pan India scale.

Directed by renowned Bollywood filmmaker Mukesh Kumar, Kannappa boasts a team of highly skilled technicians. Audiences are eagerly anticipating the promotional campaigns that will unfold in the coming days, adding to the excitement surrounding this much-anticipated film.

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