Mathu Vadalara Telugu Movie Review Rating
Mathu Vadalara Telugu Movie Review Rating

Movie Name: Mathu Vadalara Telugu Movie Review
Release date : December 25, 2019
Starring : Sri Simha Koduri. Naresh Agastya, Athulya Chandra, Vennela Kishore
Director : Ritesh Rana
Producers : Hemalatha, Mythri Movie Makers

‘Mathu Vadalara’ is the debut film of musician Keeravani as his protagonist. The film will be produced by Ritesh and will be jointly produced by Mythri Movie Makers and Clap Entertainment. The film was given by Keeravani’s eldest son Kala Bhairava. The film is set to premiere on December 25 worldwide. However, previewed today. Let’s go back to the review and see how this movie, which was released in the crime thriller Back Drop.


Babu Mohan (Sri Simha) is a delivery boy who comes from home and struggles with salary. He lives in a room with his friends and struggles for money. Friend yesu das (Satya) gives a smarter delivery and decides to cheat his customers and make money. He goes to a flat in that order. But there are some unintentional incidents that are stuck in a Murder case. How is Babu Mohan involved in crime ..? How does he get out of that case again? What problems does he face in the meantime? If you want to know such things on the silver screen.


The film, the heroine, the romance is lacking, the director’s treatment of the comedy deal with the deal is very impressive. Even in the first movie, the director’s choice of story is very good. His screenplay, while seemingly far from reality, is still smiling to the viewer. Overall, Ritesh mixes the humor with the seriousness of the film. Hero Srisimha is very good. He naturally acted as a delivery boy who came from home and struggled with salary. He is also very settled in a Murder case.

Comedian Satya breathed his last with the comedy. Throughout the film he cheated on his shoulders. Especially with the comedy timing done nicely. His dialogue also served the film well. The rest of the cast did full justice to their roles. However, as in the first half, the fun in the second half, as well as some scenes in the second half, are minus points for the film.

Plus Points:
Suspense in the story
Story Narration

Minus Points:

Some Scenes in the Second Half
Routine twists, and climaxes


‘Overall, Mathu Vadalara’ is an entertaining crime thriller. Treatment and Satya comedy timing by director Ritesh. Also some of the elements of suspense are well received in the film. This movie is very good for multiplayer audiences as well as for comedy lovers. But it remains to be seen how much the rest of the class will impress the audience.


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