Mega Power Star Ram Charan sends out green message

ram charan participated in green india challenge with joginapally santosh kumar

It is well known that the ‘ Green India Challenge ‘ aims to provide a cleaner environment for future generations . Many cine and political celebrities are participating in this massive event and planting plants. Many movie stars have already expressed the need and greatness of this ‘Green India Challenge’. Recently, mega power star Ram Charan has become a part of this and planted plants.

Ram Charan thanked actor Prabhas for nominating him to take up the Green Challenge. He expressed regret over being a little late in accepting the challenge and plant trees.

Expressing special gratitude to Rajya Sabha member Joginipalli Santosh Kumar for launching ‘Green India Challenge’, Ram Charan said that he wholeheartedly wants the program to continue.  he said nominating film actor Alia Bhatt, director Rajamouli and the entire RRR team to continue the chain. Ram Charan also said that all the mega family fans should take the responsibility of taking this Green India Challenge forward.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan sends out green message

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