Mishti Chakraborty Gives Clarity On Her Death Fake News

According to the latest buzz in the film industry, Mishti Chakraborty, passed away due to kidney failure in Bengaluru on 2nd October. The actress who was 27 years old, died due to kidney failure in Bengaluru on Friday . A young actress has succumbed to such false news. That actress is not someone who starred opposite Nitin in the movie ‘Chinnadana Nikosam’ Mishti Chakraborty. Some websites published news that she had died on Friday. With this Mishti had to give an explanation.

Meanwhile, the actress Mishti Chakraborty took to her Insta and busted the fake news about her death. The actress said that according to the media reports, she died today but by god grace, she is hale and hearty. By sharing this post on microblogging page, Mishti Chakraborty, busted the fake news of her death.

Mishti Chakraborty from Kolkata was introduced to Bollywood in 2014 with the movie ‘Kanchi: The Unbreakable’. That same year he made his debut in Tollywood with the film ‘Chinnadana Nikosam’. In 2015, she starred opposite Sumantha Ashwin in ‘Columbus’. After that he appeared in ‘Babu Baga Busy’, ‘Sharabha’ and ‘Burrakatha’. Apart from Telugu, Mishti Chakraborty has acted in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films.