Most Eligible Bachelor Review: Passable Romantic Drama

Most Eligible Bachelor Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name: Most Eligible Bachelor Movie Review
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Akhil Akkineni and Pooja Hegde
Director: Bommarillu Bhaskar
Producers: Bunny Vasu and Vasu Varma
Music: Gopi Sundar

Most Eligible Bachelor, starring Akhil Akkineni and Pooja Hegde as the lead pair is carrying good buzz among the audience. This Bommarillu Bhaskar directorial is out for public viewing today. Let’s check how it is.

An NRI named Harsha( Akhil Akkineni) comes to Hyderabad get arranged marriage. In his procees, he comes across a stand-up comedian Vibha (Pooja Hegde). Impressed with Vibha’s practical and independent attitude, Harsha falls for her. Rest of the story is how Harsha manages to convince his family to marry Vibha.

Most Eligible Bachelor Telugu Movie Review

Positive Points:
Looks-wise Akhil is good as he showed good variance in the character that has multiple looks. His screen presence is decent and elevates a few key scenes.

Star heroine Pooja Hegde is major plus for the film as her appearance is adorable on the screen. She did decent job in the given stand-up comedian role and the same is the case with her performance in crucial emotional climax portion.

Murali Sharma and Pragathi as Vibha’s parents are alright. Aamani and other actors who did key roles as hero’s family are good in their roles.

Most Eligible Bachelor Telugu Movie Review

Negative Points:
One of the major minus points for the film is that it has a confusing presentation. The relationship and chemistry between the lead pair is neglected totally in the proceedings.

Adding to it, the father-daughter thread between Murali Sharma and Pooja Hegde lacks proper justification.

The emotional side in the hero and heroine lives has been showcased in a artificial manner.

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Technical Crew:
Cinematography by Pradeesh Varma is top-notch as he brought life to the film with some rich visuals.

Music by Gopi Sundar is soothing as his songs are good as so is the case with the background score.

Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is disappointing as the senior editor failed to cut the film in a proper way.

Most Eligible Bachelor Telugu Movie Review

Production values for this high budget film are good.

Coming to director Bommarillu Bhaskar, his story has various sub-plots but the execution part is not done in a gripping manner. If he would have narrated the film with a better screenplay version, the result would have been unanimous.

In an overview, Most Eligible Bachelor is a decent romantic family drama that has a few loopholes in the presentation. Considering the festival season and the presence of star cast, Most Eligible Bachelor may generate good revenues. If you want to watch the film, keep a check on your expectations and watch the film.


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