Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala ,Goodachari Movie, Telugu Movie Review
Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala ,Goodachari Movie, Telugu Movie Review

CAST: Adivi Sesh, Sobhita Dhulipala, Jagapathi Babu, Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore, Supriya
Director – Sashi Kiran Tikka
Producer – Abhishek Nama, Viswa Prasad, A
Banner – Abhishek Pictures
Music – Sricharan Pakala

Sesh has proved his worth with Kshanam, a well made low budget thriller that was later remade into many languages. His latest film Goodachari also showed a lot of promise with its intriguing promos. Did it live up to the expectations?

What is it about?

Arjun Kumar’s (Sesh) only dream is to serve the nation by joining RAW or Intelligence Bureau. He achieves his dream after numerous attempts and finally gets recruited in Trinetra, a Govt. secret service agency. Soon after he gets recruited as the secret agent, Arjun is framed as a mole in the department. Entire police department is after him and Arjun has to find who the one that framed him is.


Adivi Sesh’s agile frame and stylish looks suits the character. His performance is good but could have done better in emotional sequences. Sobhita Dhulipala makes an impressive debut. Prakash Raj is good in a key role. Jagapathi Babu appears in a very interesting role that is one of the main strengths of the movie. Supriya Yarlagadda appears on screen after a very long time and she shines in her role as senior agent. Vennela Kishore is good with his serious humor. Anish Kuruvilla and Madhu Shalini are seen in other important roles.


Sashi Kiran Tikka follows the style and pattern of Hollywood spy thrillers. He has shot the film in slick and stylish way. The twists and turns in the film keeps you engaged all the time. The way he handled the second half without losing grip until the real secret is revealed is very impressive.

Sri Charan Pakala’s background score is simply superb. It is the main highlight of the film. Cinematography also is very good as it gives the authentic look of a spy thriller to it. Editing is crisp in the second half, but there is a bit of lag in the first half. Production values are decent considering the film’s market value.

Thumbs Up:

Background score

Suspenseful screenplay

Racy second half

Thumbs Down:

Unnecessary drags in first half

Artificial emotions


It is a daring attempt to make a movie on this scale with Adivi Sesh. Goodachari has the look and feel of the Bond and Bourne series films. It is a slick action thriller that Mahesh Babu’s mega budget Spyder couldn’t be. Goodachari keeps you guessing all the time with many unexpected twists and turns. First half of the film takes its time to get into the thick of the things. Sesh’s failed attempts at the beginning during his training and his love story with Sobhitha just waste time. Action is always there, but the film keeps on switching between serious and non-serious stuff for quite a while.

Things turn interesting as the protagonist gets framed and is on the run. Pre interval episode and the intermission set the right tone for the rest of the movie. Director doesn’t waste any more time and runs the film like a fast paced thriller. A lot of twists and turns in the story happen at rocket speed that you cannot take your eyes of the screen. The twists and turns are identical to the ones we get to see in Hollywood spy thrillers. However, the nonstop action and excellent background score will keep the viewers on the edge.

The emotional twist towards the end may not please everyone though. But the director makes up for it by giving it a fantastic finish with the final reveal. There is also a hint of making a sequel to Goodachari. The film has its share of weaknesses, but it is a well made action thriller that keeps the viewers engaged for the most part. Second half of the film is so impressive in particular. A slick first half and a better main twist would have worked wonders for it. Having said that, the team must be appreciated for what they have achieved with tight budget. The supporting star cast is very good. A lot of credit should be given to casting director for making some interesting choices for some key roles.

Goodachari is not for all sections of audience, but it will surely impress the people that look for fresh themes and slick action like Hollywood movies. Action lovers cannot miss this one as such racy action thrillers are rarely made in Tollywood.