MS Dhoni in the middle of huge controversy before IPL 2020

MS Dhoni in the middle of huge controversy before IPL 2020
MS Dhoni in the middle of huge controversy before IPL 2020

Fans are waiting to see when MS Dhoni will step on the ground. Dhoni was last seen in a match against New Zealand on July 9 last year as part of the World Cup. Dhoni is back on the cricket field almost 400 days later. He is playing in the IPL for the first time today after saying goodbye to international cricket. The match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will be played in Abu Dhabi tonight. While millions of fans were waiting for that match .. MS Dhoni was caught in a controversy. Many are angry with him for signing a deal with Chinese mobile company Oppo.


Indian companies have already canceled contracts with several Chinese companies in the wake of the China-India clashes. More than 100 Chinese apps have been banned. Moreover, Indians are incensed when the names of Chinese companies are mentioned. They are demanding a ban on Chinese goods. It is in this context that the IPL title sponsors Vivo has come under intense criticism. Vivo is sponsoring the IPL title sponsorship after Vivo withdrew due to the aftermath. Under similar circumstances, former India captain MS Dhoni signed a deal with Chinese mobile company Oppo. OPPOReno4pro is promoting mobile. The phone launch event will take place on September 24th. Oppo India posted a video on Twitter in this regard.


Netizens are mistaken that Dhoni is making a deal with Oppo. MS Dhoni, who holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of the Territorial Army and claims to be a patriot, is incensed that he joined hands with a Chinese company just for money. Dhoni, who was overjoyed with his patriotism when Raphael planes joined the Indian Air Force, is now being criticized for why he did so.


Others are holding back Dhoni. Dhoni is of the view that there is no need to doubt patriotism as long as he is promoting Oppo.

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