Nalgonda Court Shock To Rgv On Murder Movie Release

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma was in for an unexpected shock. Nalgonda SC, ST court has issued interim orders suspending the release of his film ‘Murder’. It is known that a controversy erupted before the release of the movie Murder . Directed by Anand Chandra and Ram Gopal Varma , the film is based on the murder of Pranay in Miryalaguda. However, Pranay’s wife Amrita and father Balaswamy have approached the court saying that the film may hurt their feelings.

They have complained that they are using photos and names without consulting their family and that they are trying to market their peaceful lives to Verma and the murder movie. They have filed a petition alleging that watching the movie teaser and posters is degrading to their caste. Similarly, they said that if such a film came up with a fictional story at this stage of the murder trial, there was a chance that it would have an adverse effect on the witnesses.

The Nalgonda SC and ST court, which examined the petition, issued interim orders suspending the release of the film Murder. This put a temporary break on the film. However, Varma’s counsel said that they would go to the high court regarding this case. The film stars Srikanth Iyengar, Sahitya and Bhargavi in ​​the lead roles.