Akshara Review- Addresses a key social issue

Nandita Swetha Akshara Movie Review and Rating

Movie: Akshara Review & Rating
Rating : 2.75/5
Starring : Nandita Swetha, Shakalaka Shankar, Ajay Ghosh, Satya and Madhunandan
Director : B. Chinni Krishna
Producer : Alluri Suresh Varma and Bellamkonda Ahiteja
Music Director : Suresh Bobblli

Noted director Chinna Krishna is back with a social drama titled, Akshara. Starring Nandita Swetha in the lead role, the film is out for public viewing today. Let’s analyse it.


A soft natured girl named Akshara ( Nandita Swetha) joins as a lecturer in one of the reputed educational institutions owned by Sanjay ( Sanjay Swaroop). Soon after her joining, a friendship develops between Akshara and one of the college board members Sri Teja ( Sri Tej). But as a shocking development in the plotline, Akshara shoots Sri Teja during the interval point. Why did Akshara kill Sri Teja? Is there any strong flashback behind Akshara’s act? How is the educational institution head Sanjay interlinked with Akshara’s past? Forms the rest of the tail.


Actress Nandita Swetha is decent in her role that has a lot of baggage. She effortlessly pulled off the role which has multiple variations in it.

The flashback episode and the emotional content in it has been presented neatly without any deviations.

Actor cum filmmaker Harsha Vardhan is super in his purposeful role as a school headmaster and his role is the soul of the entire flashback episode.

Sanjay Swaroop as an educationalist, Sri Tej as a college board member, Shatru as an investigative officer are decent in their respective roles.


Noted comedians Satya, Shakalaka Shankar, Madhu are not utilised in a proper manner. Actor Ajay Gosh, who is a good actor has been showcased as a comedian and all the scenes related to the four guys are nowhere related to the main plotline.

As the above-mentioned four characters start doing some non-sync comedy, the audience gets irritated in the first half of the film.

Though the key scene of killing Sri Teja’s character has been presented in an impressive manner, the reason behind killing him has not been showcased in an effective way.

Technical Department:

Director Chinna Krishna’s basic idea of projecting the loopholes in the educational system is good and he wrote good dialogues also based on the core point.

But sadly, he wasted the entire first half of the film with some cheap comedy scenes. As the film enters into the main plot only in the second half, the direction would have written a better screenplay for the entire first half for unanimous applause.

Music by Suresh Bobbili is nice as his background elevates the emotional scenes in the second half of the film.

The cinematography work for the film is decent and so is the case with the editing aspect.

Production values for this low budget film are good.


In an overview, Akshara is a social drama that addresses the loopholes in our corporate educational system. Though the first half has absolutely nothing to mention, the interval twist followed by the emotional second half makes Akshara a passable watch.